Consumer Law

We will keep you updated via our bi-monthly Newsletter with the latest Consumer Law changes and how they could affect you. The latest Laws are very strict.

Technical & Building Regulation Advice

‘We are experienced Chartered Building Engineers, Building Surveyors and Expert Witnessess.

We deal with all manner of technical problems on residential properties, old and new. We have yet to be provided with a technical problem that we cannot resolve.

Our Associates include Chartered Structural Engineers, Building Control Surveyors.

Contract Terms and Conditions

Are your Contract T&C’s fair, legal and of any use in the event of a dispute? T&C’s are usually only referred to in the event of a dispute, however if your T&C’s are not correctly drafted, then they are no use to you or your customer.


Are you being sued?
Are you suing someone else? Are you aware of the potential costs?
Probably not with respect!

Disputes can quickly run out of control with regards to costs and the means quite often does not justify the end.

We are Experts in Litigation tactics and how to resolve problems as quickly and cheaply as possible. You can not avoid disputes, but you can make disputes as painless as possible.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes can take many forms and can take from a week to two years or more to resolve. A dispute is never a pleasant experience, however, as an HAS Resolution Partner, you will be provided with Experts on Dispute Resolution with over twenty five years of experience, and one simple goal - ‘to resolve your dispute as quickly, as painlessly and as cheaply as possible’.

For your small monthly fee you receive unlimited access to the HAS Experts by phone, by mail and by e-mail. We are on call to assist you.

We will liaise with opposing Experts, Solicitors, Suppliers and of course Customers on your behalf and at no extra cost to you.

We even allocate you a number of ‘Expert site day(s)* per year, where it is necessary to have a site meeting, a meeting of Experts or indeed a meeting in Chambers with a Solicitor or Barrister.

All this is included in your small monthly fee.

* Our terms and Conditions explain this simple concept and how it benefits you.