The HAS Master Hub (incorporating Hanley Amos Stewart, HAS Resolution and MWCIA) will endeavour to maintain the highest standards of members within the Register, however we can make no representations or warranties of any kind express or implied about the workmanship, business dealings or liabilities sustained or other elements out of the control of the HAS Master Hub such of suitability of product or services provided by a member to the consumer.

The HAS Master Hub therefore cannot accept any liabilities whatsoever for any loss or damage including limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any misdemeanours, workmanship or attendance at a consumers property by a TOP 100 Trades Registered member. Such actions are wholly outside the control of the HAS Master Hub and would be the sole liability of the members.

Furthermore the HAS Master Hub does not enter into or infer any contractual agreements with members of the general public or consumers. All contracts for work at a consumers property are deemed to be between the member and the consumer.

Our Definition of ‘Master’ Tradesman
Registered ‘Master’ Tradesman is meant to be a tradesman who works to the standards set out in the ‘Consumer Charter’, and additionally works in a proficient manner to the best of his / her ability.

A Registered ‘Master Tradesman’ should be proud, polite, respectful, technical competent, of high integrity & ethics.
The term ‘Master’ tradesman does not infer perfection, but does infer rather, ‘reasonableness’ in all business dealings with the consumer.